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Monday, 29 August 2011

A Trek Towards Destiny

The seconds silence after a speeding train..
The glistening tracks after a torrential rain…

The beam of light after a dark night..
The morning mist that blurs our sight.

The shine of a firefly tricking our eyes..
The slow steady flight of a butterfly.

The strength of a mountain sterdy and still..
The wave of a river, peace and tranquil.

It was a moment of beauty, a moment of love..
A trek towards destiny , together as one.

A feeling so alive, exploring the lines..
Revelation of mysteries locked in time.

I lift the veil and open my eyes..
Im going home now, a home that’s truly mine.

My love beckons from ancient lives..
Together we journey, a path we unwind.
I found you today, ill lose you tomorrow..
But our spirits will remain, united forever.

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  1. Revelation of mysteries, unwinding paths... just too beautiful...