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Friday, 26 August 2011

Interfaith Harmony In A Globalised Society Omitting Religions

An article i recently read in the TOI. I have posted it aong with my approach and beliefs on the subject. It's a cause of concern in today's day and age and we the youth need to bring about a change before its too late.Read and Reflect...
Religion has always been a major factor in the growth of human civilisation. In art, architecture, music, literature, philosophy, law, moral codes and spiritual texts, many achievements can be traced back to its tremendous influence. Admittedly, tehre have been negative impacts, too-mass killings,pogroms, inquisitions...perpetrated in the name of religion. And all in the name of a divinity that is believed to be beneficient, merciful and compassionate!

We would do well to keep in mind this dual aspect of religious history, because a choice between these two paths will be absolutely vital in the decades ahead as we move into the global society. The divine will seems to have decreed that no one religion ever has or ever will, dominate the entire world. And , yet one thing is clear, the religious impulse is far stronger than had been generally realised. India is where four of the worl's great faiths-Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism-were born, and four others came to us from West Asia and have flourished for centuries-Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam.

The question before us is :-
Are we going to revert to mediaeval patterns of religious wards and conflict or are we going to eschew conflict and move forwards to a new dimension of interfaith dialogue, harmony and understanding?
There are several worldwide organisations which propagate inter-religious dialogue, including the Temple of Understanding. However, unless inter religious values are built into the educational system, it will be difficult to expect the younger generation to imbibe them.

Sir Aurobindo wrote "The conflict of religions arises because each oen claims the exclusive trutha nd demands complete adherence to it by the menthod of dogma, belief, ritual, ceremony and prescribed acts. The solution would be to recognise that the reat truth of religion is in the spiritual exprience of which it is an outer formation."

Instead of clinging to fixed ideas and rigid patterns, what is needed is a rediscovery of some of the insights of various religious and cultural traditions for a decisive breakthrough, a quantum leap into a new spiritual dimension.
The universal values inherent in all the great religious systems of the world need to be clearly articulated in terms of contemporary consciousness and the compulsions of the global society.
Whether it is the glowing vision of the great Upanishadic seers or the Jain tirthankars, the munious says of the Buddha or the passionate outpourings of the muslim sufis,the noble utterance of the Sikh gurus or the Avesta of Zorastrians are all imporatnt dimensions of religion often submerged under rituals and theology hence losing the real essense of the religion.

My take on this article,


We see the leap into the 4th dimension by 2012 where spirituality, religion and science combine to form a bigger picture, a better spiritually advanced intelligent world, where man realises that nothing governs the universe except the force of energy and science, where we realise that God himself is an energy, a force, a scientist, a mathematician who created a simple yet complex universe.

Idol worshipping in most religions is nothing but energies charging the idols with positivity to perform miracles what we want, hope and pray for. Receiving it is not a miracle but our positive thought reaching out in the universe forming the Universal Law Of Attraction between man and the universe.

When we start believing and adopting this mode for thought process will we as humans rise in spirituality, will we humans see the importance of the force we refer to as god rather than religions. Some say a universal religion is the right approach in the new age, others believe in crystals, reiki and other healing pratices such as pranic healing, theta healing all dependant on energies which make up the new age.

I ask this question again, Are religions really necessary? Doesn't it complicate the world further with several segregations causing man to be divided from each other and detached from spiirtuality, the universe and the real truth as a whole?

Think about it....think about a world with no religions, where man would see another man for what he is and not for the religion he adopts or believes in.

When scien
ce is advancing every day, we are still left behind with our own conservative way of thinking. Maybe its time for a change before its not too late and as the above article mentions this should be brought to light in each and every institution, educational system all over the world so that we secure a more intelligent progressive future in generations to come.

Your take?

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  1. So true.. while the purpose of religion is to make us a wiser human being and fill us with humanity..

    discrimination, segregation and pride is more of what we see today as the result of religion.. people have assumed totally different meanings..