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Friday, 26 August 2011

I Believe In Miracles

I'm sure everyones heard the song i've titled my note and according to what i have noticed around 80% of the people living today believe and pay close view to miracles. The other 20% who say they dont and believe only in themselves are oblivious to a very scientific yet unexplainable concept.

The terminology "miracle" is basically when you need, want or desire something and it comes to you completely unexpected, ofcourse needless to say it always has a positive outcome. Look around, theres a miracle happening just round the corner to someone, maybe to you. Look ahead, theres a miracle happening just waiting to be noticed.Miracles happen everyday and the more youll attract miracles, the more they'll happen. Yes this theory would seem familiar if you believed that "the universe conspires to give you what you want". The more you focus your personal energy into something you desire, the more its being heard by the universe and eventually the same thing bounces back in reality. Its like saying each action happens twice, once in the mind and once in reality. What everyone needs to do is just train their minds in a systematic way to a different perception of everything. I personally just got enlightened of this concept last year and i think my own life has changed a lot for the better. I actually found myself achieving things that were not very likely but yes it happened which left me a very happy person.

Ask, focus, visualise, belief , faith and gratitude is what brings about a miracle. Visualisation being one of the strongest tool for miracles to occur primarily because you are actually sending out energies to the cosmic of you already enjoying what you want and obviously that will bounce back to you by default. Visualise your dreams and expect your miracle, see it happen in your minds eye. Miracles open a world of limitless possibilities. miracles possess an electromagnest energy. Desires and dreams together create a new energy every night as the mind falls into the sleep state. The fulfilment of this dream is a "miracle".

Showing gratitude could speed up the process of miracles. Yes its simple, the more you thank, the more happy you are, the more grateful you are for something, energies, and your words are automatically reaching out into the cosmic and speeding up the process of giving you more each day.

Besides books like The Secret, Paulo Coelhos -The Alchemist and now even bollywood flicks like Om Shanti Om, albeit in a cliched way, want people to understand this very very simple concept and try to apply it everyday, from small things to big everything is attainable if the needs , desires are ofcourse realistic.

The word miracles suggest Intuition, Hope, and Magick. Basic magick spells carried by pagans wiccans all around the world is through visualisation release of energy and intense focus and thats how a miracles comes their way. Using natural energies of elements like earth fire water air along with your own personal energy can bring about dynamic changes and inturn miracles happen.

As we have just entered the new year 2008, make miracles the theme of your dreams, the resolution of your year and the focus of your desires and they will occur. It's time we all began to realise that everyone is entitled to living their dream life, entitled to expect miracles, entitled to see what they desire happening. i end this note by suggesting:-

Mix your dreams with a spoonful of positive thoughts and walah! Youve got your own miracle receipe!

--This article was inspired from the books "The Secret", "Earth Air Fire & Water", and a recent article in Times Life.

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