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Saturday, 27 August 2011

And Through The Microscope We See

"And through the microscope it reveals itself,
Mystically inclined, impeccable detail,
Highs and low, the fast and slow,
Treading paths, unseen, unknown.
A never ending cycle, free and bound,
The wave of soul, silent and sound,
Kingdoms and elementals reside as one
And all the fascets intricately woven.
And through the microscope it reveals itself,
Timelines and eras, past and present
Ancient findings and current mometys
Whats to be seen , is left untended.
A never ending cycle free and bound
the stars and planets, still to be found
Discovery is endless, the deeper we see
Entagled knots, finding lesser clarity
But that is how we want to believe,
Blinding ourselves to wonder and mystery
Separating the layers, leaving behind,
The unwanted aspects of there is to find."
-Michelle P.

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