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Friday, 26 August 2011

One Universal Source of Energy

Inherent in human nature is the desire to explore and investigate,
And few things capture a curious mind more easily than the unproven and esoteric. Breaking new grounds into areas previously unknown has always allured man, probably because of the enticing uncertainty of where it leads and the possibilities it brings.
Usually, man learns quickly what works and doesn't work, for example where reliable food supply and shelter can be found, which tools are valuable and which are not, etc. Sometimes, however, faulty explanations of actual phenomena can live on through generations, simply because the only thing that matters is that "it seems to work". "Seems to work"??? 

I disagree ...No one believes in something which just seems to work. Without proof and evidence the mind fails to trust to believe and though 80% of the world might mock the phenomena that lives on..the 20% believing in it know what they are talking about. Its always two sides of the coin.

Crystals , Dowsing , Seance, Tarot , Herbology, Colors, Insence, Wiccan , Witchcrafting, Reiki, Qabalah... they all only "seem to work??" Do these really work? Can they actually work on the aura of the body? Does an aura even exist? My answer would be YES for all the questions just asked by probably 75% of the population today. However people taking an interest in alternative therapies and believing in the concept of New Age T heorieswould agree with me.

We are all made of energies. Every tiny spec is energy. We are nothing but energy. Our soul is packed with energy. The world revolves around energy and thats a fact we all should know. God himself is an energy so we refer to it as a "force" rather than a "Him" which i'm sure most Churches Temples and Idol Worshippers would throw stones at me after reading this. If we understand the concept of energy why not understand the power of energy used in Crystals, in Tarot, in Reiki, in Pranic Healing? If the mere essense of this world is energy why not utilise the excess energy the world has to offer in healing the world..healing people..healing animals..even healing plants? We could heal all of it if we learnt the art of working with energy using different modes, tools and guided sources by just choosing the one which you feel strongly about.

We live in a world where lots of cleansing of the soul of mother earth needs to be done and this i say because of the intense suffering, disparity, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, we see all around us today. Twin Heart Meditation, Crystals Dowsing helps each one of us to bring out the saviour in us. We can save the world if we want to..its just a thought that needs to be acted out. You don't need to be a doctor, a scientist, a politician , or a UN member, you dont even need to be the "chosen one" towards the path of righteousness...you just need to understand the concept of energy and direct it towards positivity.

If this article has got you thinking I suggest you have a look at these sites that will let you explore realities you might never have thought of if you haven't already.... Think About It!!

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