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Friday, 13 April 2012

When Colors Collide

“A Young girl of 6 with dark eyes, she gazes intently at the palette of color brought to her. She looks around to her classmates to share her happiness that she feels when she sees vibrant hues that look so much more appealing that dull classroom settings. She notices the black and white strategically placed at two separate ends, ensuring they wouldn’t mix, and  a periphery of rainbow colors besides them. The bowl of water next to her, crystal clear, eventually turning deep black with the color that will fall in it, in a matter of seconds dissolving itself completely.

And then comes her first canvas sheet, clean and crisp,
Her set of brushes , fine to the tip
Instructions given to use one color at a time,
Sigh! Meaningless she thought, let my colors collide…

And so her world is created and the voices around her, fade away….
A stroke of red here, a stroke of green there, she had no interest in seeing. She allowed her mind to run free as she explored the various color possibilities that could be created by simple blends and mixtures.

She begins, with a tinge of red and a drop of green, all by magic it turns yellow. Just a shade darker to the sun she believes.
Turquoise and Yellow combine to form brilliant hues of green.. Thrilled at her discovery, it was spring outside as she heard the leaves rustle on tall trees.
The red and yellow combined to give a malt chocolate brown, rich, eatable almost, candy that she fancied.

The water was filthy, just as how she imagined it to be, The canvas was sprayed with shades the others hadn’t seen, and she was going to go for the final. She quietly reaches out to the opposites at the two ends. The black and white needs to be closer , after all they also need to blend in harmony.
And she dissolves a little more, a little more with some trickles of water and sees the color shes just achieved. Unaware of the name , it looked familiar and she looks around to see if theres any object matching to it, until the flooring came close. She gave the final strokes and outlines with what she knows today as “Grey” and her canvas was complete.”

The process of creating colors for the girl was not simple, though it may seem ordinary to us today. How many of us pay attention to the variety of shades and tints that seem to exist around us as we walk on the street, as we work, as we watch television. Its something our eyes are used to and the magick for that girl doesn’t seem to dwell in us anymore.

This world is full with color and  should be a part of our everyday life,. Colour is all around us everywhere. This wonderful planet does not contain all the beautiful colours of the rainbow without reason. Nature and its colours are not simply here by chance, everything in nature is here for a purpose. Colour is no exception. Whether it’s the 4 cardinal points having symbolic colors or seasons that their own colors like white green and pink for spring or maybe yellow orange and gold for autumn, almost everything in the world that exists is indicated through specific colors to give it beauty. Color in life can give us a new spirit and a heightened sense of creativity.

Not only external but from time immemorial, colors have been credited with miraculous healing powers. Sages of ancient India discovered how the unique vibration of each color could help heal ailments, and this knowledge was later codified in the Vedas.
In the Egypt of yore, temples had special 
healing rooms where the sun dispersed the seven colors of the rainbow. Today, this ancient healing technique is making a popular comeback under the label of chromo therapy.

An interesting subject of philosophical meditation, from ancient times color carried definite information and was widely used in folk arts.
Artists use colors to transfer different period of human like. Blues greens lilac red correspond to youth and early years, full of energy, vibrant, full of love. Where as browns, dark blues and grays symbolize old age, death and a period of rest.
As for abstract conditions of human mind all nations come to common vision of color and its meaning. For example, white means peace and calmness, dark blue calls to dialogue, red is a symbol of love..

Ill end this by stating something that I read sometime back:-
"Color describes human life in all acts of human mind. Color reveals all sides of human existence from Creation to Destruction. It defines the person and his relation to himself, life, people and events which come to a person on way of development of his own consciousness and being. Color is logic , psychology , philosophy and aesthetics of human life."

I personally hope each of you’ll reading this allow your life to be filled with color. Let the hues touch you and enjoy the sensations it brings to your heart mind and soul, for we humans have the ability to understand that the world is beautiful with it all its Color Collisions!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Opening Doors!

  Rays on the dewy Grass,
  Shine Shine, Broken Glass,
  A Butterfly by my side,
  Retreated flight, No blooms in sight.

  Birds in singles, Fly the distance,
  High poised buildings, Broken wings,
  Well trimmed trees, Forever Green,
  Chopped and cut, before they are seen?

  Damp mud, thick soil, scent in the Air,
  Paved paths, Concrete Roads, A Sad Affair.
  Elemental Spirits, Dwelling in the midst,
  City Voices and the noisy big kids.

  Memories, Forgotten thoughts,
  I search in dreams, that which i have lost,
  A strange bond with my kin,
  A Secret Garden.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Heathrow Encounter - The Valkyries and Me.

Anyone working for the Export sector of the Fashion Industry will agree when i say that Its again that time of the year where the works immense, hours long, collections incomplete, deadlines pending and pressure mounting. All astrological connections and mathematical equations can go wrong when you work for an Industry thats completely volatile and unpredictable. The recessions hit hard but consumers still over consume, people in the west and east, still want to buy the latest trends , discard the old and bring in the new depending on changing seasons. Fashion, more than a mere commodity has now become a necessity.

And what better way than to promote your collection to a market like London, where you find the likes of top Notch Designers having their upmarket boutiques at Oxford Street adjacent to discounted stores like Primark, and mind you, both have a clientele to cater.
The bling, glim and glamour caught on to me. The colors , the styles, along with the early winter gripped me as i was busy the whole week with meetings, shows, shopping, and exploring London for the umpteenth no. of time till the wee hrs of morning.

The week comes to an end , but in the midst of all the materialistic chaos, i never really forgot my connection with the Cosmos. Its there with me where ever i go, whereever i maybe and each little sign from the Angelic world would catch my eye assuring me at every step that im not alone, not far away from the real world and that it is possible to temporarily strike a lopsided balance between whats soulfully true and what the world expects from you. We sadly live in a life where success is measured with work, money, the no. of businesses your involved with, the car you drive and ofcourse what you wear.

The last evening at Heathrow, Terminal 5 and after going through a grilling security check, we decided to do what man knows how to do best - while away time in the duty free, foolishly spend money and shop because :-
1. Nothings really enough.
2. Theres always a better deal we dont want to miss.
3. We have time..or so we think.

Totally exhausted with the idea of walking and shopping with handbaggage, I leave the others and decide to sit right there on the spotless clean duty free tiled floor. Obviously they wouldn't have seating arrangement in the duty free. Who comes there to sit? People whizz by with bags they can just about manage to hold on to.

I plug in my ipod and decide to listen to Enya amidst the several flight announcements, chatters from people and noisy kids. I slowly drift away pleasantly watching the world go by and i open the book Valkyries by Paulo Coelho to the page i had last finished off.

"Opening the Gates to Paradise", "Communication with Angels" and "Breaking the pact", "The pact of fear, trade, demonic surrender and growing to the light of St. Michael. The day will come when mankind will be able to enter the Gates of Paradise if they overcome their challenges , strifes and approach the light. A new light where everything unimportant will fade away and what remains is your souls memory. A memory we all have within us but never explored. A memory that reminds us each day that we can still communicate with our Angels and the Celestial. The memory that whispers softly about our evolution, our growth and the purpose of every lifetime.

Reading the book , i lost track of time, of things around me, I went deep into myself and realised that im mentally assimilating these words and feeling it for the very first time. Right in the middle of a world and yet i was being able to connect with something deep. I couldnt quite process instantly what was happening to me and everything around seemed dazed, almost like a dream. I lowered the book and i saw the people rush by oblivious to some very important, meaningful truths we are all bound by. I looked at the huge lit hoardings of the latest branded perfumes and burberry bags and i thought to myself , if Angels are present everywhere, they are right here trying to communicate with me at Heathrow - Terminal 5. The mysteries of Life can be deciphered Anywhere Anytime.

And as these thoughts clouded my mind, i glanced to my right and saw a few service people carry a huge circular black board with "ANGEL" printed on it, just besides it in italics was the word Mystery and Addiction. It was a hoarding for a perfume they were taking down the elevator to put up i assume. But what are the chances of sitting right there, thinking of exactly the same connection and seeing it go by. What is the probability of noticing it amongst everything else i could've seen instead of this.

Yes the signs were clear, it was happening,the Angels were there communicating.

As i saw this, i mentally said a quick Angel prayer and smiled at the synchronicities of Life, at the miracles that you face each day but realise them only if you are intune with the Cosmos.

Letting go of the feeling which i know ill always remember, i picked up my bags and left for the flight.

A few minutes, A Memory, An Experience with the Angels!

Thursday, 20 October 2011


For each passing day,
Dancing with the Faery Fae,
The angels softly say,
Carpe Diem - Sieze the day!

Photographs of sacred moments,
The eyes behold several sentiments,
A vast collage of hopes and dreams,
Captured instantly in deep memory.

I find my questions along the way,
For the book of answers i secretly pray,
I ask the creator and his flawless trail,
My destiny, a destiny i constantly make.

But several loops of rings combine,
In one energy , at one time.
My path with his inter wined,
A love i lost, again i find.

Together we tread the lonely trek,
Light working on a higher vibration,
Discovering forgotten Gardens of Eden,
Lands of Ancient Creation.

And with each passing day,
Grows the strength of the Faery Fae,
As the angels forever say,
Your life is yours to build and break.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Setting off in a train, i was ready to explore the forests and greens of Coorg, I hadn't heard much about the place and i was obviously unaware of what i was going to be experiencing. But i do believe with all my heart that we meet people when we need to and we experience life when we are meant to.
Ambling around the forest with a bottle of water and a cam, i decide to to plan the next day trip, the guides were helpful and we decided to leave for the Tibetan settlement Bylakuppe, Indias second largest Monk city. 

A pair of Jeans, a white tee and i explored one of the most prettiest places i had been to. I realised that it wasn't pretty in the conventional sense of the word where everything is picture perfect, but just the essence of the place, the scent of incense in the air, the red robes and shaven heads, temples in all their architectural glory, and the smiles, oh the smiles and peace on every individuals face was something i hadn't seen in a city like Mumbai for a very very long time.

It was truly a City of Monks, as they started their day at 4am , with the chants of OM MANI PADME HUM. The drumming, the energy was pulsating as i stood outside and watched in silence, in reverence in front of the tall beautiful statues of Buddha and his Avatars. A moment of peace swept all over me as i realized how simple life can be, when the monks quietly go around for offerings around the city with a little bowl in their hand, collect and eat whatever is given, together in harmony. 

Tibetans from all over the world came to be a part of this settlement in India, it was indeed their true home. Basic education, degrees in science art and commerce were given along with food shelter basic clothing, medical facilities and every basic convenience. The monks further chose to study and serve for 18-20 yrs thereafter or set forth to explore a different world, it was their choice , their right and they were free to exercise it.

Just a day, was all i had to experience a serenity which we usually try to find in cities but the efforts go in vain. I do agree that peace comes from within, but i also believe that the surrounding, the life around you, influences man at the stage we are in today. We are yet not 'The Buddha' and yet we all will be following the path one day  sooner or later is for us to decide.

I end this little note, with a writing that i was compelled to jot down on my way back to the forest of Coorg.

"The scent of Incense fills the air,
The flame of candles lights the stair,
With every climb towards our path,
With love, faith and hope bound in our heart.

The beat of drumming in sacred time,
The prayer sang in harmony and rhyme,
Maroon cloth draped in modesty around,
Simplicity of life, still to be found."

-- Bylakuppe (Coorg, India)