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Friday, 16 September 2011


The flame , me and all thats inbetween,
Shadows the visible, nothing is seen,
Doubts and fears blurring the sight.
Fools and folly, judging wrong and right.

Voice of truth, but words unexpressed,
Wisdom profound, yet thoughts meaningless,
Emotions deep and feelings stifled,
The journey of Love, Fiercely Battled.

Innate strength of a mortal,
Tested through every lifetime,
Victory and Defeat, far away bells chime,
Redemption of the soul, the heart and mind.

I found myself ; through the war,
The ticking clock, heals all scars,
And what remains is simply,
The flame, me and all thats inbetween


  1. Revival , redemption , beautifully written michelle! Everyone goes through the process as they say!

  2. So deep ur words,
    they r truly felt..
    so intense your battle,
    n the blows it's dealt..

    its strong and very deep michelle.. beautifully said :)

  3. Thankyou Ashish, yes we all go through it, its how we deal with it and what becomes of us during the journey! keep visiting the blog!

    Shoooo, your strong and deep too and hence you relate.. thankyou