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Friday, 16 September 2011


In a serene night she softly glows,
Behind the veil of dense , dark clouds.
A shift in scales, the highs and lows,
As her energy i take, a power behold.

A midst the chaos of life uncertain,
My destiny chooses a road of its own.
So much have i lost, and yet i have grown,
A lonesome gaze views the unknown.

A soft sigh escapes my lips,
I gasp a breath of air, A drink of life,
I quietly walk away, leaving all behind.
I look back again as i cross the line.

In a distance, i find once again,
A trust, that my love wont go invain,
I take the steps, the north star my guide,
The Journey of Love, A Magickal Ride


  1. So much have i lost, and yet i have grown, -- loved it, totally!! :)

  2. Shoo, thankyou..im so happy you liked them.. :)