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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I could safely begin by telling you that Art plays a large part in making our lives infinitely rich. 

Imagine, just for a minute, a world without Art! (please consider the impact that lack of graphics would have on your favorite video game, movie, computers, mobiles etc – technology we depend on so highly these days.) 

Art stimulates different parts of our brains to make us laugh or incite us to riot, with a whole gamut of emotions in between. Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves. For some people, art is the entire reason they get out of bed in the morning. You could say "Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans."

On the other hand, art is such a large part of our everyday lives that we may hardly even stop to think about it. Look at the desk or table where you are, right this minute. Someone designed that. It is art. Your shoes are art. Your coffee cup is art. All functional design, well done, is art. So, you could say "Art is something that is both functional and (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing to our eyes."

Please note that ART has not always been what we think it is today. An object regarded as Art today may not have been perceived as such when it was first made, nor was the person who made it necessarily regarded as an artist. Both the notion of "Art" and the idea of the "Artist" are relatively modern terms. Art is subjective, and means something different to every single person on earth. What one individual might connect to, the other might not and vice versa. But every art has its own value, a beautiful story behind it.

Art is not necessarily , an interesting painting or sketch , Its anything that an individual likes to create, poetry you like to write, music , art films , Authors who inspire you,or  a community within the society who works closely with art , photographs taken when youve travelled; not necessarily to great locations, even on the streets of Mumbai or villages of India. 
Art is VAST and transcends barriers of locations cultures religions and races.

This article, and my future art articles is an attempt to combine Art and Philosophy.
In our grand universe i believe, both are closely connected, when we try to extract the essence of something invisible and bring it to visible ; tangible form for people to see observe love and relate to.
                         A Charcoal Sketch by me. 

An abstract pencil and charcoal artwork signifying the importance of relationships and how interconnected we really are.  As seen the umbilical cord from the baby travels all the way across the sketch vertically connecting all life forms. The leaves signify life growth nature and peace residing together in a complex world. Different ages, caste and cultures inhabit Earth and yet we experience different emotions , feeling and sensations as we change grow and evolve. We are all connected by just one energy at the end, and yet we see our selves as separate.

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