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Thursday, 20 October 2011


For each passing day,
Dancing with the Faery Fae,
The angels softly say,
Carpe Diem - Sieze the day!

Photographs of sacred moments,
The eyes behold several sentiments,
A vast collage of hopes and dreams,
Captured instantly in deep memory.

I find my questions along the way,
For the book of answers i secretly pray,
I ask the creator and his flawless trail,
My destiny, a destiny i constantly make.

But several loops of rings combine,
In one energy , at one time.
My path with his inter wined,
A love i lost, again i find.

Together we tread the lonely trek,
Light working on a higher vibration,
Discovering forgotten Gardens of Eden,
Lands of Ancient Creation.

And with each passing day,
Grows the strength of the Faery Fae,
As the angels forever say,
Your life is yours to build and break.


  1. uv Seized d day mich :)
    ur journey evokes so many questions..
    opening d door to so many imaginations :)
    beautiful, wandering n inspiring words..